Hengbaotong Digital Optical Module

       Hengbaotong has advanced production lines from TO-device-module-network subsystem products, and is committed to providing customers with cost-effective, serialized active optical devices, active optical modules, and passive optical device products, which are widely used in Fiber optic transmission / access systems such as SONET, SDH, Ethernet, FTTH and data centers.

Product Details

  Model  Description  Wavelength (transmit / receive)
  Humidity range  Voltage
  HSFP06-2313 6.25G,2km,Double fiber bidirectional  1310nm  -40/+85  3.3V  FP-LD/PIN-TIA 
  HB06-2732112 6.25G,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1270/1330  -40/+85  3.3V  DFB-LD/PIN-TIA
  HB06-2372112 6.25G,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1330/1270  -40/+85  3.3V  DFB-LD/PIN-TIA
  HWTR-60-353178233F 3.125G,500m,Single fiber bidirectional  1550/1310  -40/+85  3.3V  FP-LD/PIN-TIA 
  HWTR-60-335178233F 3.125G,500m,Single fiber bidirectional  1310/1550  -40/+85  3.3V  FP-LD/PIN-TIA 
  HSFP-60-3312S-22F 3.125G,500m,Double fiber bidirectional  1310nm  -40/+85  3.3V  FP-LD/PIN-TIA 
  HSFP-60-3312S-22F 3.125G,2km,Double fiber bidirectional  1310nm  -40/+85  3.3V  FP-LD/PIN-TIA 
  HWTR-60-35327823BF 3.125G,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1550/1310  -40/+85
  HWTR-60-35327823BF3.125G,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1310/1550  -40/+85
  HWTR-48-33527823BF 2.5G,20km.Single fiber bidirectional  1310/1550  -40/+85  3.3V  DFB-LD/PIN-TIA
  HWTR-48-33527823BF 2.5G,20km.Single fiber bidirectional  1550/1310  -40/+85  3.3V  DFB-LD/PIN-TIA
  HWTR-48-045778133F 2.5G,100km.Single fiber bidirectional  1490nm/1550nm  0/70  3.3V   DFB-LD/APD-TIA
  HWTR-48-045778133F 2.5G,100km.Single fiber bidirectional  1550nm/1490nm  0/70  3.3V  DFB-LD/APD-TIA
  HSFP10-0551 10G,80km,Double fiber bidirectional  1550nm  Business grade
  HSFP10-3831 10G,500m,Double fiber bidirectional  850nm  Business grade
  HB10-2732U2 10G,20km.Single fiber bidirectional  1270/1330  -40/+85
  HB10-2372112 10G,20km.Single fiber bidirectional  1330/1270  -40/+85
  HWTR-24-33517723BF 1.25Gb/s,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1310nm/1550nm
  3.3V  FP
  HWTR-24-33517723BF 1.25Gb/s,20km,Single fiber bidirectional  1550nm/1310nm
  3.3V  DFB
  HSFP-24-3312S-12F 1.25Gb/s,20km,Double fiber bidirectional  1310nm

  HWTR-24-045778133F1.25Gb/s,100km,Single fiber bidirectional  1490/1550  0/70  3.3V  DFB-LD/APD-TIA
  HWTR-24-045778133F1.25Gb/s,100km,Single fiber bidirectional  1550/1490  0/70  3.3V  DFB-LD/APD-TIA