HJX PICO ICS Micropower Repeater provides the most cost-effective solution to improve the quality of indoor coverage and allow customers to experience high-quality mobile communications in an indoor environment. Plug and play, HJX PICO ICS Micropower Repeater does not require any professional skills, and ordinary users can easily install it by themselves.

Product Details

main features: 

Plug and play

2.Built-in donor antenna and repeater antenna (antenna gain: 5dBi)

3.Support uplink low receive power mute function

4.More than 30dB adaptive echo interference cancellation

5.85dB maximum gain with perceived automatic power control

6.RSRP < -110dBm synchronous detection sensitivity (TDD)

Product advantages: 

1.Low power consumption, small size and light weight

2. High gain, natural heat dissipation inside the machine, no fan cooling required

3. Both MS and BS ports can be directly connected to the antenna, without having to manually remove the built-in antenna

4.High cost performance

  Parameter Description
  Supported formats



  Output Power  13dBm/20dBm/27dBm
  Maximum gain Built-in antenna  70dB(Each channel can be set independently)
  Maximum gain external antenna  85dB(Each channel can be set independently)
  Gain adjustment range  30dB(0.5dB步进)
  Echo interference cancellation capability  ≥30dB
  System delay  ≤6uS
  Machine power consumption  ≤12W/15W/20W
  Size  189mm×170mm×67mm
  Efficacy  ≤12kg

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