MiniTRX-Z is a low-power and small footprint board, based on ADI's RadioVerseTM technology AD9361, enables dramatic reduction in design cycles of your products.
HJX MiniTRX-Z has been added to ADI's RadioVerseTM 3rd Party Reference Designs and Hardware

Product Details

  Key Features

  - FPGA:Xilinx Zynq XC7Z035-2FFG676I 

  - DDR:512MB DDR3 
  - FLASH:256Mb QSPI 
  - SD:MicroSD 
  - Ethernet:10/100/1000M
  - USB:USB3.0 
  - Communication Interface:RS232/RS422/I2C
  - Sensor:Humidity Sensor with Integrated Temperature
  - User Interface:GPIO
  - Rx LNA range:70MHz~6GHz
  - RF Digital Step Attenuator(DSA):0~31.5dB attenuation range in 0.5dB steps(1MHz to 4GHz)
  - Bypass LNA and DSA to support Rx:70MHz~6.0GHz
  - Size: 140mm*95mm
  - Analog Devices AD9361-BBCZ Integrated RF Agile Transceiver™
    RF 2 × 2 transceiver with integrated 12-bit DACs and ADCs
    Band: 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz
    TDD and FDD operation
    Tunable channel BW:<200 kHz to 56 MHz
    Supports MIMO radio: < 1 sample sync on both ADC and DAC
    Miniature RF connectors &ndash; 4 TX, 4 RX, 2 TX monitor
Figure2 - Simplified Block Diagram

  MiniTRX-Z Getting Started Design

  The Getting Started design implements the data interfaces to/from the AD9361 RF transceiver through which baseband signals are mixed to RF for over-the-air loopback from transmitter to receiver. Data path and control signals between the AD9361 and Zynq SoC are shown in Figure3.
  -  MiniTRX-Z No-OS Software: based on ADI&rsquo;s AD9361 No-OS API Branch 2017_R1

2.jpg Figure3 - HDL Reference Design

  MiniTRX-Z Interface

(1)     MCX AD9361 RX1

(2)     MCX AD9361 TX1
(3)     MCX AD9361 TX2
(4)     MCX AD9361 RX2
(5)     MCX CLK_IN ( 可选外参考时钟)
(6)     JTAG
(7)     Power 12V
(8)     USB3.0
(9)     RJ45
(10)   I2C
(11)   RS232
(12)   RS422

(13)   MicroSD

  Getting Started Guide
  This guide will show you how to setup MiniTRX-Z board and your computer to get started.
  MiniTRX-Z Getting Started Guide v1.1.pdf
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