The AD9361 software radio development platform RF chip uses ADI's latest AD936X series. This series of chips integrates the RF front-end and ADC and DAC. A single chip can complete RF and IF processing and output zero IF data stream. The FPGA uses Altera's new-generation CycloneV series, with rich DSP and logic resources, to achieve the industry's lowest system cost and power consumption. Customers only need to incorporate their own modules in the FPGA program port to evaluate the performance of the AD9361 in the expected modulation and demodulation mode. The main control unit uses STM32 series general-purpose ARM chips, which is convenient for customers to develop network management monitoring functions.

       Xiamen Hejiaxing, as a partner of ADI, has perfect software and hardware design information and technical services, which will help customers get started with the AD936X chip more quickly on the SDR platform, and it is easier to develop systems with features and functions that are more powerful than before.

Xiamen Hejiaxing AD9361 software radio development platform has been selected by ADI Asia Third Party Communication Reference Design:

Product Details


Introduction of hardware design:



  Core device:


  1.ADI Transceiver(AD9361):
  2、Altera的Cyclone®V FPGA:

      Adopting TSMC's 28-nm low power (28LP) process to achieve the industry's lowest system cost and power consumption, the total power consumption is 40% lower than CycloneIV GX FPGA



Zero IF architecture

Support 200KHz-56MHz working bandwidth, and 70MHz ~ 6GHz RF receiving and transmitting frequency range

RF index can reach 1% EVM, -65dBc out-of-band spurs (after software optimization)

FPGA capacity adjustable


Support 4.75 ~ 15V single voltage input

Low power consumption (7W)

Small volume (12 * 13cm)


Platform application:

      AD9361 software radio development platform is based on the AD936X and cooperates with FPGA / DSP to meet most current wireless applications, including:

-Wireless video transmission

-Private Network Transceiver

-Micro-cell base station

-Repeater equipment

-Smart Grid

-Wireless data acquisition

-Medical Network Data Collection

-Individual data communication equipment

-Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, Scanner and Drive Tester