Spectrum monitoring

Spectrum monitoring

    The wireless signal spectrum monitoring and acquisition can be used for real-time acquisition and monitoring of radio and electromagnetic signals existing in space in the ground, sea and air environments.The universal digital processing board can directly monitor, collect, store, analyze and extract signal parameters of radio signals in the frequency range of 75MHz~6GHz.If a custom RF front end is added, a wider range of spectrum monitoring can be supported.

Product Details


System functions:

·Continuous frequency band scanning and discrete frequency band scanning are supported to obtain power spectrum distribution data.

System characteristics:

·The radio frequency front end receives the signal, analyzes the complete process

·System hardware can be reorganized and configured according to user requirements

·The system can be composed of multi - chip digital processing board card synchronization, real-time large bandwidth sampling

·System accuracy: AD16bit, DA14bit

·The system supports a variety of working environments, islands, uAVs, ships, aircraft, vehicle-mounted vehicles, etc.