AD9361 phase synchronization platform

AD9361 phase synchronization platform

      Hejiaxing AD9361 phase synchronous RF acquisition platform is an SDR platform based on 4 AD9361, which can realize 8-channel RF signal acquisition. The board has a phase calibration network and an optional external local oscillator source, which is very suitable for matrix receiving system Applications.

      The four AD9361s on the board are responsible for the acquisition of RF signals. The FPGA is responsible for the control of the AD9361 and the interaction of the collected data. FLASH is used for on-board information storage, DDR3 is used for sampling data storage, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are used for high-speed transmission of sampling data.

Product Details


   parameter name  index
  Working frequency  300MHz~3000MHz
  Factory default configuration frequency band  900MHz
  Passband bandwidth  40MHz
 Receive link gain adjustment range  65dB
  Octal phase jitter  ±3°(After software calibration)
  FPGA  Xilinx ZYNQ