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Collectively like it! AD9371 won the Best New Product / Technology

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     ADI is a leader in the development of highly integrated radio technologies, enabling manufacturers in many industries to easily and quickly bring advanced high-performance radio platforms to market, and ADI has been recognized by several well-known publications in the electronics and defense industry. As part of Analog Devices' rapidly growing RadioVerse ™ radio technology and design ecosystem, the integrated wideband RF transceiver AD9371 received special recognition for using it to implement integrated radio solutions for wireless infrastructure, defense electronics, and industrial communications applications. Fast, cost-effective design, prototype development and production.

       Publications that have been awarded the best new product or technology award for the AD9371 include EE Times, EDN, Military & Aerospace Electronics, Intelligent Aerospace, and Microwaves & RF magazines.


      Launched in May 2016, the AD9371 is extremely versatile. It is a carrier-grade system-on-chip radio solution with a frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz. The bandwidth of the main receive channel is up to 100 MHz, and the bandwidth of the transmit and observation channels is up to 250. MHz. The AD9371 consumes less than 5 W under standard operating conditions; it is widely praised for its ability to eliminate up to 20 discrete radios compared to other commercial products. In addition, the AD9371 can be used as a universal design platform for multiple applications and standards, improving research and development efficiency and reducing time to market.

Industry honors won in 2016 include:

EE Times and EDN ACE (Electronic Product of the Year) Awards

100 EDN Hot Product Awards, RF, Wireless and Networking

Microwaves & RF2016 Top New Product Award

Platinum Technology Innovation Award, awarded by Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace