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  Huatai RF LDMOS product line covers mobile communication base station, handheld communication, aerospace, industrial equipment and instruments, a variety of applications such as constituted from low frequency (100 MHz) to high frequency (3 GHz), from the low power (2W) to the high power (1600W), from a low voltage (7V) to high voltage (50V) , high efficiency, good reliability more complete product line, can satisfy most of the radar, communication base stations in our country, aerospace, industrial equipment and instruments in the fields of application requirements.
Communication Base Station
   Huatai RF LDMOS products are widely used in the field of mobile communication base station and repeater industry, breaking the monopoly position of foreign companies in power tube, improving the competitiveness of core products in the field of communication and the integrity and security of the industrial chain.The GSM 900MHz 140W products, TDD-LTE 1880MHz-2025MHz 120W, 700MHz-2700MHz 10W and other products developed by huatei have been mass produced by international first-line communication equipment companies, and their performance is comparable to that of international counterparts, achieving a breakthrough in the localization of RF LDMOS in the field of communication base stations.
Part No. Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) Supply
P1dB(W) Eff@P1dB Package
HTN7G27S010P 700~2700 19 28 12 60% PDFN6×5
HTN7G21P160H 1800~2200 17 28 160 55% H2110S-6L
HTN7G09P200H 920~960 22 28 240 70% H2110S-4L
HTN7G15P180H 1300~1500 21 28 180 65% H2110S-4L
HTN7G21S040P 700~2100 16 28 40 50% TO270-4L
HTN8G27S020P 700~2700 20 28 22 65% TO270
HTU7G06S0P5P 100~1000 10/14 3.6/7.2 0.5/1 73%/76% SOT89
HTU7G06S005P 100~1000 10/13 3.6/7.2 5/10 65% PDFN5*5
HTU7G06S035P 100~1000 12 12.5 35 65% TO-270


Mobile Radio
   Huatai company makes full use of the technical advantages accumulated in high power and high frequency RF LDMOS products to develop RF LDMOS products applied in mobile radio products, including RF LDMOS final stage and driver chips applied in 5W and 2W handheld walkie-talkers, and RF LDMOS chips applied in vehicle, maritime and other professional fields.
Part No. Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) Supply 
P1dB(W) Eff@P1dB Package
HTL7G06S006P 120~520 13 7.2 6 63% SOT89
HTL7G06S009P 120~520 12 7.2 9 68% SOT89
Industrial Science and Medicine
  Huatai's complete and efficient RF LDMOS design and development team has mastered many core technologies, and deeply integrated the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and can develop targeted RF LDMOS products for the special applications of industrial, scientific and medical industry customers, to meet all kinds of special application needs.
Part No. Freq(MHz) Gain(dB) Supply 
P1dB(W) Eff@P1dB Package
HT647P 600~1600 20 28 200 65% H2110S-4
HT647PL 1.8~600 26 28 200 65% H2110S-4L
HTN7G14P100H 400~1500 22 28 100 65% H0906
HTH7G06P1K4H 1.8~600 25 50 1400 70% H3210S-4L
HTH7G14S120H 1.8~1400 26 50 120 78% H2110S-4L
HTH7G06P400H 1.8~600 26 50 400 78% H2110S-4L
HTH7G06P800H 1.8~600 25 50 800 76% H3210S-4L
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