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TD-LTE Baseband Syn Module

   HR-TD-03A is a Mini PCI-E spec TD-LTE baseband synchronization module developed by Shanghai HanRu Communication Technology Co.,LTD. This product can complete the TD-LTE wireless network community searching and wireless signal processing automatically, then get the exact information of TDD uplink and downlink time slot timing, uplink and downlink time slot ratio, and output the uplink and downlink time slot signal through GPIO interface. At the same time, this product can support TD - LTE data card function and can realize 4G Internet data transmission function. The module’s docking interface with customer applications is a standard Mini PCI - E interface.

2、Functional Block Diagram
    Below is the hardware functional block diagram of TD-LTE baseband synchronization module. It includes below several major function modules:
    1)    3G/4G terminal baseband processing chipset, completing the TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE terminal baseband processing function;
    2)     3G/4G RF Transceiver circuit, supporting multiple frequency band RF transceiver processing;
Molded ARM, completing the application layer protocol processing;
3、TDD Synchronization Work Principle
4、Main Features