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    ADRV9009 is a highly integrated radio frequency (RF) agile transceiver, also the first RF transceiver to support all existing cellular standards. It provides dual-channel transmitters and receivers, integrated frequency synthesizer and digital signal processing function.
    The transceiver provides twice the bandwidth of previous generation devices(200 MHz), can replace more than 20 devices, with power consumption reduced by half, package size reduced by 60%. With industry-leading performance and smaller size, weight and lower power consumption, ADRV9009 transceiver can meet the requests of new 5G wireless infrastructure equipment and strict antenna density and extended network capacity required for aerospace systems.
    As the development partner of ADI, Xiamen Hejiaxing Electronics Co., LTD.(HJX) developed HJX-ADRV9009-X2 with Radio Verse TM Technology, which will help customers develop systems with faster, easier and less risky features and functions than before. 
HJX-ADRV9009-X2  has been added to ADI's RadioVerseTM 3rd Party Reference Designs and Hardware
    HJX-ADRV9009-X2 is highly customizable and can provide wide bandwidth and tuning range for a variety of applications. It contains two broadband ADRV9009 dual transceivers, cooperating with a Xilinx Zynq7000 programmable SOC XC7Z100FF900, then makes the whole platform acquire powerful data processing ability. Meanwhile, it provides great flexibility for developing customized applications as equipped with 1GB DDR3 dedicated to SOC programming system, and configured with 1GB DDR3 for SOC programmable logic. In addition, it provided 256Mb flash memory for data storage, and reserved additional options for starting the system through SD card.
    HJX-ADRV9009-X2 supports board-level and inter-board phase synchronization and transmits high-speed data through 40G QSFP or 10G SFP. Customers can use multi-board to quickly build 5G large-scale MIMO or phased array system, which is very convenient for user evaluation.
    ADRV9009 transceiver includes integrated LO and phase synchronization. It uses ADI high performance and Low Jitter AD9528 device and keeps the whole system’s frequency and phase synchronization through clock tree architecture, so ADRV9009 is an ideal choice for applications requiring RF phase alignment with a large number of channels.
    Radio Frequency Front End of HJX-ADRV9009-X2 provides hardware support for ADRV9009 RX QEC、TX QEC and LO Leakage calibration. Meanwhile, the board RF path is connected to MM8430-2610 RF connector in series. Without changing the circuit structure, the input and output RF performance of ADRV9009 chip can be evaluated directly.
    HJX-ADRV9009-X2 has a wide range of I/O functions, uses various high-speed I/O, like 40G QSFP+ or 10G SFP+, gigabit Ethernet function. In addition, 80 pin GPIO pins are extracted from different BANKs of the FPGA for communication with external modules.
    HJX-ADRV9009-X2 Quasi-product circuit design idea and programming logic, makes it easy for customers to evaluate and design, then integrate into customized carrier seamlessly for further prototype design and shorten the time to launch the final products to market. 


a)  Input(receiving): MCX-KE(4pcs);
b)  Output(transmitting): MCX-KE(4pcs);
c)  Feeback channel(receiving): MCX-KE(4pcs);
d)  External clock input interface: MCX(1pcs);
e)  External local oscillator input interface: MCX(1pcs);
f)  Clock Chip Output Interface:MMCX-KE(1pcs);
g)  Gigabit Ethernet interface: RJ45(1pcs);
h)  SD card socket: Micro SD(1pcs);
i)  10G optical module interface:SFP(2pcs);
j)  40G optical module interface:QSFP(1pcs);
k)  JTAG interface: 2X7_2.00mm(1pcs);
l)  USB-UART interface: Mini-USB(1pcs);
m)  Power interface:VH3.96mm 2pin(1pc),DC-005(1pcs);
n)  Matrix connector 40Pin:61082-04(2pcs)

i. LO and IQ imbalance
    Test condition: Use the signal generator and spectrum analyzer to test, the connecting way shows in below picture. single signal mode, input frequency setting at 2080MHz, signal generator Output power is -12dBm, after passing through HJX-ADRV9009-X2, the power output to the spectrum Analyzer is -4.13dBm. 

ii. EVM
    Test condition: FDD-LTE singal mode, 20MHz bandwidth, signal generator input power is-19dBm, after passing through HJX-ADRV9009-X2 development board, the power output to the spectrum analyzer is -10.3dBm, EVM performance is basically not deteriorated. 
                                                      Signal source EVM quality                                                      after through the HJX-ADRV9009-X2, the signal EVM quality     


•  3G/4G/5G TDD macro cell base stations
•  TDD active antenna systems
•  Massive MIMO
•  Phased Array Radar
•  Electronic Warfare
•  Military Communications
•  Portable test equipment

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