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  HJX has released HJX-AD9371-SDR, a high-performance SDR development board, based on ADI's RadioVerseTM technology AD9371, enabling users to quickly take their radio designs from concept to production
       HJX has been added to ADI's RadioVerseTM 3rd Party Reference Designs and Hardware

  Features and Benefits
  1.HJX-AD9371-SDR can not only evaluate the AD9371 chip, but also can make your own product through the simple self-definition modification of the development board, which really accelerates the transformation process from design to a finished product.
  2.We will provide FPGA source code, ARM source code,schematics and related design information and documentation to the users who purchase HJX-AD9371-SDR.
  3.Technical Support.
  -Dual differential transmitters(Tx)
  -Dual differential receivers(Rx)
  -Observation receiver(ORx) with 2 inputs
  -Sniffer receiver (SnRx) with 3 inputs
  -Tunable range: 300 MHz to 6000 MHz
  -Tx synthesis bandwidth(BW) to 250 MHz
  -Rx BW: 8 MHz to 100 MHz
  -Supports frequency division duplex(FDD) and time division duplex(TDD) operation
  -Fully integrated independent fractional-N radio frequency(RF) synthesizers for Tx, Rx, ORx, and clock generation
  -JESD204B digital interface
  Main Device and Interface
  -AD9371 Dual RF Transceiver with ORX
  -Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA
  -Atmel ARM9
  -ADI s power solutions(ADP5054,ADP1741,ADP125 and other ADI power chips)
  -ADI AD9528 clock chip
  -SFP high-speed fiber port
  -Interface(Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, etc.)
  1) RF: AD9371 with the LNA, DSA, Filter, and GAIN BLOCK on the RF link provide excellent RF performance. Users can test AD9371 s performance through the MMCX interfaces, or test the system s performance by the SMA interfaces. Development board reserved DPD feedback channel(ORX), which is convenient for customers to develop their own DPD.
  2) CLOCK: AD9528 provides the clock to the entire system and supports remote fiber clock recovery, which is easy to synchronize the remote communication system.
  3) Control Unit: AD9371 and AD9528 running through the Atmel s ARM9 embedded linux configuration. Users can interact with the HJX-AD9371-SDR through the serial port on the host computer for parameter setting.
  4) Power Solutions: HJX-AD9371-SDR adopts ADI's efficient power solutions, including ADP5054, ADP1741, ADP125 and other chips, so that HJX-AD9371-SDR platform can operate efficiently and stably.
  5) FPGA: HJX-AD9371-SDR adopts the Xilinx Artix-7 series FPGA, which has a lots of DSP and Logic resources, while compatible with 7A100T/7A200T, which is convenient for customers to choose according to specific project conditions. The related variable parameters(including the function selection of each module within the FPGA, and attenuationof the peripheral DSA chip,and AD9371 chip frequency,etc.), can be modified directly through the serial port on the host computer.The following is the FPGA framework when receiving a data rate of 122.88MHz and transmitting a data rate of 245.76MHz, and does not require an up-change module(Up2) when transmitting and receiving the same data rate. DATA CAPTURE module can choose to grab a certain depth of RX/TX/ORX data, transmitting to the host computer through ARM, which is convenient for users to do spectrum analysis directly in matlab. MUX module can choose the source of the transmitter output signal, including FPGA DDS single-tone output, RX-side signal, and ORX-side signal.
  -3G/4G micro and macro base stations(BTS)
  -3G/4G multicarrier picocells
  -FDD and TDD active antenna systems
  -Microwave nonline-of-sight(NLOS) backhaul systems
  -5G prototype
  Test Results
  The following is the LO and Image Correction and TDD-LTE EVM test(If you want to know more detailed, please contact us)
  Test conditions:tone signal mode, the signal source input power is-14dBm, after passing through HJX-AD9371-SDR development board, the output power to the spectrum analyzer is-5dBm.
  EVM test conditions:TDD-LTE signal mode, 20MHZ bandwidth, the signal source input power is-24dBm, after passing through HJX-AD9371-SDR development board, the output power to the spectrum analyzer is-15dBm.
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