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  HJX-AD9361-SDR uses Cyclone V series of FPGA with rich DSP and logic resources, which realizes the lowest system cost and power consumption. The customers only need to combine their own module to the port of FPGA program to evaluate the performance of AD9361 under the expected modem mode. The main control unit uses STM32 series general ARM chip, which is convenient for the customer to develop the network management monitoring function. As the partner of ADI, HJX will help customers start with AD936X chipset application more quickly with its complete hardware and software design and technical service, then develop the system with features and functions more powerful than before.
  CycloneV FPGA
  - Wireless base station system
  - Private network wireless transceiver
  - Micro cellular base station
  - Repeater equipment
  - Wireless data acquisition for smart grid
  - Medical network data acquisition
  - Individual data communication equipment
  - Portable frequency spectrum analyzer, frequency sweeper and road detector

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